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Words from the Director

     Located at the northwestern part of the county, Yongan, or “Yonganwen” from the old days, covers a total area of 215,000 sq. meters in 6 villages including Yongan, Yonghua, Weishin, Shinkong, Baoning, and Yientien. Total population of the township is about 14,000, of which most people are in agriculture and fish farming, with a greater number of fishponds in the township. Basically, the township still maintains characteristics of the traditional farming and fishing village. Grouper, with its tastiness, is the specialty of the township.

    The health station was established by the government as a basic-level health care agency for citizens. Its ultimate goal is to make healthcare available for all citizens. Yongan Health Station was established on October 25, 1950. Currently, the health station has a staff of 12 persons in charge of providing medical care, disease control, and healthcare for the township citizens. Acting continuously as the healthcare guardian angel for the township citizens, the entire staff of the health station has already earned trust, support, and recognition from the citizens. Going forward, the health station will continue to strive its best to enhance its service quality in providing medical care for the township citizens.