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Summary of Services Offered

    Health Promotion Services

    1. Maternal and Child Health
      ※ Preschool children early intervention program
      ※ Breastfeeding promotion
    2. Female Cancer Prevention and Control
      ※ Cervical cancer prevention and control
      ※ Breast cancer prevention and control
    3. Family Planning
      ※ Miscellaneous contraceptive method introduction, counseling, and referral
    4. Genetic Health
      Neonatal and marriage reporting
      Premarital health examination consultation and prenatal genetic diagnosis and house calls
    5. Oral health
    6. Mental health
    7. Long-term Care
    8. School Health Guidance and Health Education Counseling
    9. Health Management for Nursery Schools and Kindergartens
    10. Adult and Elderly Disease Prevention
    11. Adult and Elderly Healthcare
    12. House Calls and Public Health & Nursing Guidance

    Disease Control

    1. Epidemiological investigation and disease source surveillance
    2. Miscellaneous immunization and counseling services
    3. STD and AIDS prevention and control
    4. Dengue fever prevention and control
    5. TB prevention and control
    6. Parasitic disease prevention and control
    7. Malaria prevention and control
    8. Leprosy and black foot disease prevention and control
    9. Hepatitis B prevention and control
    10. Notifiable communicable disease prevention and control

    Occupational Health

    1. Occupational disease investigation and prevention
    2. Employee health examination and health guidance
    3. Factory environment health and operational environment inspection guidance

    Civil Defense and Emergency Care

    1. Holding civil defense training
    2. Emergency disastrous prevention and aftermath work

    Medical Affairs Administration

    1. Medical institution waste disposal guidance
    2. Clamp down of unlicensed physicians and illegal practice by medical professionals
    3. Application, registration, and management of practice, modification, closure (suspension), and support of medical professionals
    4. Medical care advertisement management
    5. Clinic guidance and evaluation

    Pharmaceutical Affairs Administration

    1. Counseling for separation of dispensing from prescription
    2. Establishment, modification application, and general inspection on pharmaceutical firms
    3. Narcotics, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics advertisement; medical equipment management; and clamp down of illegal drugs and cases

    Business Health

    1. Business health inspection
    2. Worker health examinations
    3. Worker health seminars
    4. Business registration and facility inspection
    5. Inspection and management

    Food Sanitation

    1. Inspection of food manufacturing and selling sites as well as restaurants
    2. Food poisoning handling
    3. Health examinations for workers involved in food and beverage industries
    4. Tobacco hazards control and guidance
    5. Clamp down and disposal of food incompliant with the regulations
    6. Business registration application and facility inspection for food- and beverage-related firms
    7. Betel nut selling site inspection and guidance
    8. Health food management